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Biomarker Research

Glykos leverages its glycan analytics capabilities, along with our full suite of antibody development technologies, to support biomarker discovery and development programs across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Glykos has optimized sample preparation and glycan extraction from complex biological matrices of cells and tissues. Glycan profiling is applicable to cultured cells, clinical tissue specimens (including paraffin-embedded archival samples), serum, saliva, urine, as well as other common biological samples. The methodology is optimal for biomarker discovery by comparison of samples from e.g. different disease states and healthy tissues.

Our biomarker research capabilities include:

  • Characterization of changes in post-translational modification of proteins (glycan profiling and glycan structural characterization)
  • Glycan analysis of glycosphingolipids
  • Glycan profiling across various complex biological samples, including serum/plasma, CSF, tissues, tumors, as well as cells, stem cells and cell extracts
  • Identification of novel glycan markers that correlate with disease or drug response, potentially leading to novel therapeutic targets and diagnostic entities

In addition to our core glycomics technology, Glykos also has a full suite of anti-glycan antibody development, protein characterization and assay development capabilities to facilitate translation of novel glycan biomarkers to routine research or clinical assays.

Additional information and Ordering

Please contact us on info@glykos.fi for additional details. You can find pricing information here.